Bright and Spacious Interiors In Surrey, England

Which is the first material that comes up in your mind when you say ‘transparent interiors’? Definitely, glass. With its graceful touch and airy feeling, the material makes any room bright and spacious. Located in Surrey, a county in the South East of England, Oxted house reflects this statement at its best. The building is an essay in minimal structure, geometry, proportion, and the effects of transparency and reflection. The main floor of the house incorporates moving walls so that the living room may function as an open or enclosed area. Moreover, the kitchen is flanked by floor to ceiling glass on two sides, letting natural light come inside all day long. After lunch, the inhabitants get out into a rear patio that embodies a spectacular deck, a glass walled pool and a spa.




在英国 Surrey 的明亮、广大的内部
当你说’透明的内部’时,在你的思想中发生的第一材料是哪一个? 一定,玻璃。 藉由它的优美触觉和空气的感觉,材料让任何的房间明亮、广大。 在英国东南方的一个县的 Surrey 位于, Oxted 房子在巅峰状态反映这一份陈述。 建筑物是最小的结构、几何学、比例和透明和反映的效果的一篇随笔。 房子的主要地板合并移动墙壁,以便客厅可能作为公开或被附上的区域。 Mor



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